The LG14 Industrial Furnace
LG14 Industrial Furnace
  • Up to 81% AFUE
  • Upflow or downflow operation
  • Heating capacities of 225,000 to 445,000 BTU/hour
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Why the LG14 Industrial Furnace stands out

  • Efficiency ratings of 81% AFUE
  • Two blowers provide heating capacities of 225,000 to 450,000 BTU/hour
  • Units can be installed vertically or horizontally for site application flexibility
  • Stainless Steel heat exchanger for maximum durability
  • Removable panels allow easy access to the motor for service and clean-out
  • Twin blowers are mounted on rails for service from either side
  • Internal overload protection for the motor, primary and secondary fan and limit controls
  • 1 year limited parts warranty
  • 5 year limited heat exchanger warranty