The Z-Series™
  • Up to 14.0 SEER, 13.2 IEER and 11.7 EER
  • 3- to 12.5-ton gas/electric and electric/electric models and 3- to 10-ton heat pump models available
  • Industry standard design and footprint
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Highlighted features

Why the Z-Series stands out

  • Efficiency ratings up to 14.0 SEER, 13.2 IEER and 11.7 EER
  • Matches the most popular footprint in the commercial industry, eliminating the need for an adapter curb in many replacement jobs
  • Single-Zone VAV (Variable Air Volume) supply fan technology available with 7.5- to 12.5-ton models**
    • Up to 61% power savings over comparable units
    • 29% better moisture removal for humidity control when compared to systems with conventional supply fan motors
  • Optional BACnet compatibility on 7.5- to 12.5-ton models
  • Eco-Lastâ„¢ Coil System uses up to 52% less refrigerant, is up to 59% lighter, and has up to 20% fewer brazed joints than regular rooftop unit coils (standard on ZC and ZG models)
  • 18% lighter than other like units***
  • Goes through a 200-point quality check
  • High-pressure switch guards the compressor from extreme operating conditions
  • Proven scroll compressor helps long-term operation
  • Tool-less access to filters allows for easy service
  • Common utility connection points allow for faster and easier installations
  • 10-year limited warranty on aluminized gas heat exchanger
  • 5-year limited warranty on compressor
  • 3-year limited warranty on Eco-Last Coil System
  • 1-year limited warranty on covered components
  • *$1,500 savings is calculated in replacement jobs where the Z-Series unit matches the footprint using a price of $750 for a curb and $750 to move electrical and plumbing connections.
  • **Part load, IEER improvement at 67% airflow when compared to full load.
  • ***Comparison is based on 5-ton gas/electric model versus other 5-ton gas/electric models.