The E-Series brings serious advantages to every business environment.

E-Series Unit
E-Series Brochure

When commercial customers want more from their rooftop unit in terms of efficiency, performance and serviceability, the Allied Commercial™ E-Series is the option to recommend.

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Energy use is one of the areas where the E-Series really stands out, with ENERGY STAR® qualification and efficiency ratings of up to 15.0 EER, 22.0 IEER and 23.5 SEER.

Single-Zone VAV matches compressor output and fan speed to cooling demand, allowing the unit to use only the energy it needs to keep the building comfortable and creating an energy savings of up to 75%.*

Single-Zone VAV
*Part load, IEER improvement at 67% airflow when compared to full load.


The E-Series is full of smart design features that make it a standout choice and a top performer.

The Eco-Last Coil System

The Eco-Last Coil System offers the same cooling abilities as a conventional coil, though it's up to 59% lighter and uses up to 52% less refrigerant. With up to 20% fewer brazed joints, it's also less likely to develop a leak over time.

BACnet compatibility

BACnet compatibility lets the E-Series integrate seamlessly into a building management system, simplifying control and convenience for owners and property managers.

Humidity Control

Allied Commercial's patented humidity control system provides a more comfortable environment by carefully regulating moisture levels.


The E-Series is designed with contractors' time in mind, with features that make service and maintenance easier and faster.

Intelli-Guide Unit Controller
Intelli-Guide Unit Controller

The Intelli-Guide unit controller assists with setup and commissioning, then tracks the runtime of all major components, with reports that can be downloaded to a USB flash drive for verification and recordkeeping.

WireRight System

The WireRight system uses color-coded circuit boards and connections to guarantee correct setup, operation and service.

Warranty Information

The E-Series is backed by a warranty that's designed for peace of mind.

15 year limited warranty

15 year limited warranty on stainless steel heat exchanger

10 year limited warranty

10 year limited warranty on aluminized gas heat exchanger

5 year limited warranty

5 year limited warranty on compressor

3 year limited warranty

3 year limited warranty on Intelli-guide unit controller

3 year limited warranty

3 year limited warranty on Eco-Last Coil System

1 year limited warranty

1 year limited warranty on covered components

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