Simple and Efficient Building Control.

Heating and cooling automation are now part of your plan.

BACnet compatibility

Available as a field- or factory-installed option, Allied Commercial’s BACnet module integrates heating and cooling into overall building automation, monitoring and control. So you enjoy simplified operation, while maintaining even more precise control over your building’s operations.

  • BACnet Testing Laboratory certified for compliance and seamless integration
  • Compatible with rooftop units already set up for BACnet, allowing easy replacement
  • Designed for easy integration with many existing Allied Commercial rooftop units
  • Onboard configuration jumpers to simplify setup
  • Color-coded connectors for fast and accurate wiring
  • Opportunities for improved energy efficiency through computerized control of HVAC functions, as well as lighting, outdoor signage and room sensors

Enhanced functionality with optional sensors

BACnet-compatible Allied Commercial equipment can do even more with the addition of optional sensors:

  • Simple, wall-mounted sensors provide basic functionality

  • Digital sensors are fully programmable, providing precise monitoring and control and simplified configuration

  • Optional discharge air sensor aids monitoring and diagnostics

An additional input enables the monitoring of an optional safety switch.

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