K-Series Reheat Dehumidification System.

An affordable solution to humidity control.

Known for precise, dependable performance and purposeful design features, K-Series rooftop units are available with an optional reheat dehumidification system. This helps improve a unit’s application flexibility, while enhancing indoor air quality and comfort. The optional reheat dehumidification system is available on select models from 2- to 25-tons.

Benefits of the reheat dehumidification system:

  • Effective dehumidification: Helps remove moisture based on relative humidity levels, not the temperature
  • Single solution: Reduces the need to have additional products for humidity control
  • Cleaner air: Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and comfort
  • Dependable control: Electromechanical control allows for easier humidity control via the thermostat/humidistat
  • Healthier environment: Helps reduce the spread of indoor allergens such as mold, mildew and dust mites by removing excess moisture in the air
  • More efficient performance: Delivers operational efficiencies by lowering indoor airflow, while increasing latent capacity and reducing outdoor fan speed
  • Application flexibility: Expands K-Series unit’s application possibilities

What is reheat dehumidification?

The K-Series reheat dehumidification system is different from standard dehumidification products that use cooling to remove moisture. That method can cause overcooling and lead to condensation and mold growth, even damaging building materials. This is why our reheat dehumidification system removes moisture with minimal effect on temperature, avoiding problems with overcooling.

  • If humidity levels in the space are not being met and the cooling requirements are, the unit will redirect hot refrigerant gas to a secondary heat exchanger located after the evaporator coil

  • As the air is conditioned and moisture is removed, the air is warmed back up as it passes through the reheat coil

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