Single-Zone VAV

Fan speed coordinates with cooling demand for even greater efficiency.

Available in select packaged rooftop units and split condensing units, Allied Commercial Single-Zone VAV (Variable Air Volume) technology brings advanced thinking, thoughtful design and energy efficiency together.

Everything works as one.

Equipment with Single-Zone VAV can operate with impressive efficiency by using one simple principle: eliminating wasted effort.

Conventional rooftop units and split condensing units typically supply more airflow than is needed. Single-Zone VAV-equipped units precisely coordinate fan speed with the current demand for cooling, reducing energy demand.

Single-Zone VAV technology allows the fan and compressor to work together in two different stages.

  • The first, most efficient stage uses only one of two refrigerant circuits, and runs the fan at 67% of its full capacity.
  • The second stage, used during high demand, activates both refrigerant circuits and runs the fan at full speed.

Advantages of Single-Zone VAV

  • Substantial energy savings of up to 61%.*
  • Since the first stage operates at a lower cooling output, it allows air to circulate longer for up to 29% better humidity control.*
  • Reduced equipment wear over time.
  • Plenty of additional capacity is available should demand increase.
  • Achieves or exceeds the supply fan requirements for ASHRAE 90.1 – 2010 and California Title 24.

Energy performance of blower fan

Even though energy use is only 39% customers will still enjoy 67% CFM for better dehumidification and even more energy savings.

*Part load, IEER improvement at 67% air flow when compared to full load.